Independent Model Taylor Joins the Connecticut branch of Vaughka’s Internet Hollywood Party & Promo Team!

IH News – Taylor has become one of the newest members of the Internet Hollywood universe after accepting an invitation to join the Internet Hollywood party team. The independent model was chosen to be apart of the team by Vaughka and was given the green light by Connecticut photographer Mark Murphy who has collaborated with the model and played a similar role to a manager to the model for many years. The two has done many photo shoots together and we plan on bringing awareness to a lot of them in weeks to come. Taylor has been someone Vaughka has shown a high interest in for months before he decided to send her an invitation to join the cross promotion team that will be aiming to help build the portfolios and bases of many talented people that care to express their support to others to receive it in return. The group will be throwing its own events, parties, shoots, magazines, fashion shows, award shows, radio shows, films, and more. Taylor is one of 60 people that were chosen to be in the group in the past week in a half. That number is expected to increase. Congratulations to Taylor and welcome to the team!




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