Internet Hollywod Celebrity Iwona Tiger Returns To Facebook Weeks After Deactivating Her Account

IWONA KO 1In case you haven’t noticed an extra name surfacing across your screen you might want take a scroll through your friend list. ProjectXPlatinum superstar Iwona Tiger has officially activated her Facebook account again after being inactive from her account for weeks. It’s still unclear what caused the celebrity to hit the bricks from the net but many have assumed it may have been motivated by things happening in her personal life. A recent report also circulated the web that Iwona tuned into Internet Hollywood Radio when Prince Vega was on air this past Tuesday. The model have been active on her Facebook page since her return: posting pictures with friends, updating statuses and even taking selfies. Iwona is one of the few models that dominates the alternative universe silently without any trouble. She continues to maintain the buzz that continues to hype her presence in Internet Hollywood with incredible photos to go along with it. Iwona has proven herself to be a model with class unlike any other when taking on shoots. Iwona’s absence was so noticeable to Prince Vega he spoke about it live on air during Internet Hollywood Radio on Tuesday. Although Iwona has not participated in many shoots as of late she still remains one of the most effective models apart of ProjectXPlatinum! The amazing photo of Iwona was done by the amazing MTM Photography.


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