Internet Hollywood ♬ RADIO♬: Breezy Da Konvict Gains Momentum, Ties with S.O.S In G.O.R Series

ghost editBreezy Da Konvict’s influence has created a powerful storm that is pushing him in a direction that will challenge the powerful rap group S.O.S. Over the weekend the Internet Hollywood headliner racked in a total of three votes while rap group S.O.S easily gained another, tying both artists percentages at a strong 75%. The positive gain comes in the name of two entries in the Game Of Rap Series preseason where Internet Hollywood musicians tested our new system by squaring it off in a song-to-song battle. S.O.S is currently ranked the 5th biggest male headliners in our universe but B.D.K is predicted to grab the number 10 spot in the beginning of December. B.D.K’s influential power is now building with another new song added to the Internet Hollywood Radio circuit called “Dear Mama”. The song was so deep Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega even complimented the song; describing it as “deep and emotional”  live on the radio. S.O.S still remains one of the best even after debuting with a controversial background that included feuds with artists like Cthree and Snacks Gigatty. The group maintains their reign by aiming for the top with numerous exclusives to add to our universe while continuing their grind as independent artists. The match between B.D.K and S.O.S was the most popular face off inside of the Game Of Rap Preseason. There is currently 7 undecided votes that will determine who is the winner by the end of November!

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