Internet Hollywood ♬ RADIO♬: Is Ohio Rapper Gusto Working On A Track With California Rapper Cthree?

gusto edit 1Rapper Gusto may have other things on his mind besides the Game Of Rap series. The Internet Hollywood headliner recently revealed on his Facebook status that he will be receiving a huge leap in music with help from Cthree:

“I was talkin money while on the way to make the money. Bout to make a Huuuge leap with my music, with help from Cthree.”

It’s not really clear what the Ohio artist got planned but it’s something that got the universe talking. Gusto is by far one of the most sneakiest artists when it comes to developing tactical plans that’ll easily help him headline in Internet Hollywood. Gusto is currently one of the biggest headliners this month and is already the 6th biggest male headliner in Internet Hollywood. The power behind his tactics has secured him even a greater spot on the charts that will soon be announced next month! Could it be possible that Gusto may very well end up in the top three? What does Gusto have planned with Cthree? Hopefully soon we’ll find out!

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