Internet Hollywood ♬ RADIO♬: Rap Group S.O.S Quickly Earning An Aggressive Reputation

MISE EDITEDMany would argue the disputes started in the past was because of Cthree but S.O.S may also be setting a new stage for themselves as-well. The Pittsburgh rap group continues to make front page headline by fueling their beef with Internet Hollywood’s #1 headliner Cthree. The battle for the throne comes from the hunger of these amazing artists that is so caught up in controversy that the energy behind it quickly landed them the #5 spot on the top ten billboard chart for male headliners in Internet Hollywood. The strong mentality comes from the life they live growing in the streets of Pittsburgh and that may be hard for many to understand. S.O.S lives what they speak and we are grateful to hear their stories in tracks they release. The struggle that holds many may not shackle this thriving rap group that believes in what they do with all their heart. From the start S.O.S has proven their dreams is everything they want to achieve regardless who may have mixed feelings about it. The strong attitude represents the power in being the machine that created this talented group that continues to open doors in our universe. Within the past two months the group had repeatedly dominated our front page headlines and has made the rap section on Internet Hollywood one of the most talked about topics on Internet Hollywood. Mise and Rudeboy is currently the most talked about rap group on Internet Hollywood.

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