Internet Hollywood ♬ RADIO♬: Rapper Wayne Gordon Continues To Hold His Own Differently From Others

WAYNE-GGGGGGG1We recommend many celebrities pay close attention to Wayne Gordon’s way of growing in Internet Hollywood. The code of silence is becoming one of the most dominant ways of making front page headlines in our universe. Many would argue controversy sells but making peace with the world around you gives the world gives you a bigger advantage career wise. Wayne continues to show us his calm attitude that matches his style as a rapper in the flowing aspect. Wayne “chill” way in being who he is-is starting to be recognized by dozens of members apart of our private committee and that is good sign for the rapper. If the artist continues to send signals from a positive stand point he may very will soon be the face of Internet Hollywood in a completely different way from other artists. Wayne’s thoughts on what’s going on around the world is highly embraced by our reporters as soon as it’s submitted by a representative. The artist continues to provide some good points when speaking on past situations that caught many of our readers off guard, like the situation with Cthree and S.O.S. Gusto’s friendly behavior is making it easier for the public to accept him and artists like Gusto. Both of the music artist are currently in the top ten as male headliners on Internet Hollywood. It’s predicted by the end of November Wayne Gordon will be one of the few to climb up in ranks alongside actor Jay Kristopher!

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