Internet Hollywood ♬ RADIO♬: The Reason Gusto’s Song “Sun Wont Shine” Will Remain Deadly

gustoMany could anticipate the best from some artists starting to build their name in our universe to come hard this Tuesday when the face off finally begins. The powerful lineup that pairs musicians from all over the world together in a series that records all their wins and losses makes this season more than just something to watch. The unpredictable sounds that’s found in each artist like Gusto will create energy unlike any ever seen before. Earlier this week Prince Vega spoke on the power Gusto’s song “Sun Wont Shine” will have if he decides to drop the track against his opponent Jayson Diwa on the 28th. The wave of sounds that storms around the entire track creates an engine that emotionally starts our drive in wanting more out of what we hear when it comes on. Prince Vega also stated that the match up between him and Diwa is one of the most rear battles the committee has put together in the Game Of Rap series. Gusto’s headlining ability as an artist is enough to push him in a direction other artists struggle to reach. You would easily find inside Gusto’s style that he’s a progressing artist with a lot to gain if he continues going down the path he is going. The committee is also predicting that Gusto’s unique way in finding himself on Internet Hollywood’s front page headlines would easily help him land in the top five on our billboard charts in the future!

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