Internet Hollywood ♬ RADIO♬: Will Cthree And S.O.S Finally Collide In ‘Game Of Rap’ Series?

best rapper aliveThe tables are turning and the signs we find are becoming clearer than ever before. Many would will be displeased after finding out a matchup between Cthree and S.O.S is currently nowhere in sight. The dream matchup between the feuding artists is something many would expect after seeing these artists exchange shots over the past couple of months but it’s not happening soon. The official season is now finally upon us and December will kick off the first ever pay per view that will record all wins and losses. The number of face offs between musicians will continue to increase while the beast remains hidden in each artist who shares the same hunger. S.O.S and Cthree has proven themselves to be some of the most lyrical and committed artists inside of the Internet Hollywood universe that is willing to do more than enough to accomplish their goals. Cthree’s lyrical abilities shifts the momentum in every challenge he comes across and for that reason he maintains a strong #1 male lead on Internet Hollywood’s billboard charts. S.O.S continues to impress with less remorse for those who share hate when they’re easily ranked the 5th biggest male artists in Internet Hollywood. Both artists are quickly generating a buzz that could easily be felt throughout our entire universe. The power battle between these amazing artists is exciting to the culture of hip hop even more now that the Game Of Rap series is here! But the real question remains: will the world ever see Cthree vs S.O.S in the Game Of Rap series? Soon we shall see!

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