Internet Hollywood Celebrity Charrita Attends The BET Hip Hop Awards – Takes Amazing Photos!

Charrita edit 1BET’s own Charrita continues to put her amazing work in the power of her own hands. The beautiful photographer recently released dozens of photos to her friends over Facebook and they were absolutely stunning. Every photo released contained images of celebrities involved with BET’s Hip Hop Awards cypher. Seeing Charrita’s work opens our minds to the beautiful things we find in individuals who truly believe in their talent. The beauty in expressing herself comes in moments that makes time worth remembering after each flash. According to our previous headline updates, Charrita is currently the second biggest photographer in Internet Hollywood! The power that comes with the force she uses to break through our universe is shared with her boyfriend U.T.K, who is currently the 8th biggest male headliner in Internet Hollywood. The couples impact became so strong in Internet Hollywood over the past month that our thirteen member committee crowned them the most powerful couple in Internet Hollywood. Charrita’s line of work was one of this weeks biggest topics being discussed on Internet Hollywood Radio last Tuesday. Click the link below to see some of Charrita’s absolutely amazing work!


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