Internet Hollywood Celebrity Eva Lore Is Currently Working On Starting Her Own Business

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Internet Hollywood celebrity Eva Lore is opening up about a new business she’s been working on that she’s expecting to kick off next year. The beauty young alternative modeling princess didn’t mind sharing her thoughts after being confronted by one of our journalists about starting a business venture. Eva Lore continued to remain bright and shined light on her journey with nothing but smiles to share to us all!

“It’s in the works now!! I am currently planning my garden/farm stand. I have been cultivating plants for a while for sale and I realized that I could broaden it up and include a lot of things that I was planning on growing for personal consumption! The plans are underway and the garden is being built As soon as the thaw happens next year I will be ready to go!”

Eva Lora is one of the latest members involved in the new freelance modeling organization ProjectXPlatinum. Eva continues to find herself in our headlines by being the remarkable down to earth sweet she is. This article is the second story ever documented on Eva Lore since her debut in Internet Hollywood earlier this month!

Photographer: KevCool Photography

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