Internet Hollywood Celebrity J. Kristopher Appears On The Tonight Show, Parenthood & More!

parent hood oneIt is no surprise that J. Kristopher is one of the busiest actors that truly believes in his work. He continues to push himself through the struggles that’ll easily stop many actors from achieving their dreams at a higher level. The biggest surprise many would find after researching Jay is the amount of work he puts in to maintain his amazing acting career. A simple Google search will show their are over 17 films that are currently being filmed or in post or pre-production that includes actor J. Kristopher. Many “wannabe” actors would assume taking a piece of out Jay’s book is just cake at a birthday party but the truth is far more difficult. It takes a lot of work for an actor to get into character and remember his lines while everyone on set is watching you the entire time. Jay deserves full credit for all the effort he puts into his career every single day. He continues to bring his characters to life in every role he takes and that alone should make us all happy to know we have an actor that actually cares about what fans are seeing. The effort Jay puts into the work he does quickly helped him land in our top ten as one of the biggest male headliners in Internet Hollywood. If he continues to headline at this rate he is doing now he will soon become the #1 Internet Hollywood celebrity!

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