Internet Hollywood Celebrity J. Kristopher Kicks It With Dr. Dre At The SOC Wrap Party In L.A.

j and dre edit

Actor J. Kristopher is again making headlines in our universe after updating the social media world on some awesome news. Not many people can prove their life is as exciting as it may sound but J. Kristopher continues to bring us along for the ride on his amazing journey! The Internet Hollywood superstar has been keeping us updated on the latest news involving his career and it keeps getting more exciting! Anyway, the latest involving J. Kristopher also includes an awesome party with Matthew Libatique at Dr. Dre’s house! Internet Hollywood’s tenth biggest headliner didn’t mind sharing the goodies to his supportive following over Facebook as soon as he had the time to:

“SOC wrap party. Matthew Libatique (Director of Photography for Black Swan, Iron Man 1&2, Requiem for a Dream), Dr. Dre and yours truly. Great times over Dre’s house. He was a great host. Made great relationships that will lead into the future. I will add that four of us (cast members) gathered together in a circle and prayed right there in the middle of the party. Completely random. I didn’t even initiate, I just joined in. So it was an appointed time for all of us to meet. It was also an honor playing LAYLAW. He’s really cool if you ever get the chance to meet him in person and he’s produced SO MUCH STUFF. Great history lesson, first hand. Now it’s on to other things. I said my goodbyes. I know I’m going to run into some people again. This picture illustrates men who are some of the best in their craft *wink*. I wanted to take a picture with them separately but the opportunity came where I could be in the picture with both at the same time. God is amazing!”

J. Kristopher was recently ranked the tenth leading male headliner in Internet Hollywood after our private thirteen member committee voted based on the number of stories that broke headlines in our universe. Jay’s following continues to grow alongside the energy he provides that will soon help him rise in the top 5 in months to come!


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