Internet Hollywood Celebrity J. Kristopher To Star In N.W.A Biopic “Straight Outta Compton”

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The news continues to get better and better when it comes to our Internet Hollywood celebrities. The latest news following J. Kristopher’s career is enough to prove how determined he is when it comes to accomplishing his dreams. Our reporters recently discovered news that will soon excite every reader that shares a personal relationship with J. Kristopher. After a little digging our journalists found out the actor was casted inside of the new “Straight Outta Compton” Biopic that is due out August 2015. Not much information on the movie is allowed to be released, but it’s safe to say J. Kristopher will play in the movie as Multi-Platinum Songwriter/Producer – Lay Law. Although J. Kristopher shared with his following that he couldn’t share any pictures from the movie, he did share a story and a past photo he took with Ice Cube and his son.

The story:

Hey peeps, I can’t post anything from the NEW movie on social media. So I decided to post a photo from Janky Promoters a while back. It’s funny how things come full circle. I worked on Janky Promoters a while back and now I’m working with Ice Cube’s son, Shea. He’s a cool cat. Can’t play dominoes BUT he says he can get with anyone on 2KSports. I showed Shea this picture after we took a picture. I said, LIKE FATHER LIKE SON. I met and got pictures Dr. Dre, Yella (N.W.A), and Paul Giamatti. I met him the first day I was on set. Last night was a real treat! For the first time in my acting career, I got to meet and chop it up with the man who I’m playing in the film LAY LAW. Really cool dude. Produced a ton of hits for ICE CUBE, MICHEL’E, TUPAC, KOKANE, N.W.A. and of course the Ruthless group ABOVE THE LAW. He saw me and said, “They got you playing me?” HA HA How awesome is that!! I’ve already had a number of people on set come up to me giving me accounts of LAY LAW and how legendary he was. I told him, “You’re in good hands man.” Meaning: God put me here to play you which means it’s got to be good! I’ve got at least 5 more days of shooting. I’ve already made SOME great friends that’s going to be in my life LONG AFTER this is done. Going to finish strong! Amen.

J. Kristopher is a known face in the entertainment business and Internet Hollywood. Just recently the amazing actor was ranked the tenth biggest male headliner in our universe after only two months! We will keep you updated on all the latest news following J. Kristopher and the new movie as it becomes available to us!

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