Internet Hollywood Celebrity Rap Group S.O.S To Rock Broadway On September 20th!


Internet Hollywood infamous rap group S.O.S is gearing up to take on the local rep stages on broadway. The latest update on the headlining rap movement is keeping music as their main focus leading up to a new live show coming September 20th! S.O.S member Rude Boy kept us informed on the upcoming performance that is expected to draw numerous artists in the Pittsburgh area. The live show is considered the ‘Local Rep Night’ for the night on the 20th, and those attending should expect the powerful rap group to be at their best. S.O.S quickly earned a name in our universe after speaking against underground Connecticut artist Late Nite Snacks when the artist exchanged blows with international headliner Cthree. What followed after was a wave of shots being triggered between both S.O.S and Cthree after the California artists used their name inside of a written verse he posted on his Facebook fan page. The war of words quickly escalated when S.O.S put out a “supposed” diss track out on Cthree but never mentioned his name. The controversy between the sides calmed just in time before the Game Of Rap Preseason was set to take place in the beginning of September 1st. Everyone that’s interested in seeing S.O.S live check them out at the ‘Local Rep Night’  at 644 Broadway Ave. on September 20th from 6PM-11PM!

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