Internet Hollywood Celebrity U.T.K Drops F.G.T.B.D – Speaks On Being Homies With The Game

UTK AND THE GAMEInternet Hollywood celebrity U.T.K continues to make front page headlines with incredible news to share to the world. The lyrical superstar is a known name growing through our universe and has already topped the charts in Internet Hollywood after only two months! The energy U.T.K brings to the table with his raps shows us the hunger he feeds by providing us with one of the most amazing sounds to vibe to on the underground. The momentum that follows U.T.K’s hard hitting flows would easily draw in the minds of the youth that chooses to be a student of hip hop and is willing to learn new things. Anybody with an open mind can see how dedicated U.T.K is when it comes to accomplishing his goals. The level of support that comes with U.T.K’s base is hard to come by if you do not put in the work to get what comes out of it. Through the struggles U.T.K continues to overcome the odds with some of the hardest blows most people have ever seen. We are positive that nobody will be disappointed if they choose to purchase U.T.K’s newly released album that is now available on bandcamp! One of our reporters recently caught up with U.T.K to find out more information on a picture that’s floating around with him and The Game. The superstar explained that he and The Game became cool after they use to play ball together, also saying that in the picture he opened up for him:

“The Game is the homie,” he said. “I’ve been knowing him since like 2006 or so! We used to play ball together and just became cool. That particular pic is from his show at house of blues. I popped up on him back stage, we did a few interviews together and shit then I opened up his set with him. Was mad crazy seeing all those die hard fans following his every word and move! Definitely dope!”

U.T.K and his girlfriend Charitta is currently the most watched couple in Internet Hollywood. Our statistics show U.T.K was recently ranked our 8th biggest male headliner shortly before Charrita was ranked the second biggest photographer in Internet Hollywood. We ask that you all show your support and click the link below to show support to this amazing artist new album!

Purchase F.G.T.B.D

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