Internet Hollywood Celebrity U.T.K Keeps It Cool, Hangs Out With Wiz Khalifa & Loaded Lux

Internet Hollywood celebrity U.T.K is keeping his name live inside of our headlines after recent updates in the social media world shows the artist hanging out with Loaded Lux and Wiz Khalifa! The lyrical rap artist didn’t mind sharing the time he spent flicking it up with the artists last weekend. Not much information is out to share about what was happening before the flick actually took place but U.T.K did give a shout out to both of the artists on his Facebook page where the picture first surfaced.

U.T.K status:

My nigga NO/ONE aka Danowlin Shabazz is one of the sickest most versatile producers….PERIOD! Hit him asap for your production needs!!!! Very soon he will be signed and too busy to work with wannabes !!!! #Salute#AllMyNiggasOn#YouveBeenWarned#UTK#FGTBD

U.T.K have been keeping his grind strong musically and no doubt can change the facts put into the work he does to remain focus. He already appeared on  BET’s Media Matters, BET.COM and Internet Hollywood within the last few weeks. The hustle of this growing giant remains high with the dreams he pursue with each step he takes to make a difference in his career. U.T.K is currently one of the biggest headliners inside of Internet Hollywood besides California’s own Cthree. The growing Internet Hollywood celebrity recently released an radio edit version for the “FGTBD” music video!

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