Internet Hollywood Celebrity U.T.K Kicks It With Dr. Dre In Burbank, Tells iHollywood The Story


Upcoming rap genius U.T.K is finally opening up about his visit to Burbank to kick it with hip hop legend Dr. Dre. The pictures involving the two with some unidentified others shows U.T.K shaking hands with the doctor and handing him his music. U.T.K didn’t mind opening up about his visit to meet the legend that inspired him while growing up. The Internet Hollywood chart topper even revealed to us that Dr. Dre played an unreleased track he produced for Jay-Z in the studio!

“Man it was cool AF meeting the good doc,” he said. “He kicked major game about the industry. Actually talked about detox and played a few joints, shits were crazy! Heard an unreleased Jay-Z track produced by Dre! Got the scoop on beats by Dre and talked about some of the business of that. Talked about my music and where I wanted to go as an artist. Snapped some pics and exchanged contact information. This was all at the studio in Burbank he used to own where he recorded/produced all the classics like chronic and chronic 2001! It was a blessed day fam.”

The artist didn’t stop there. After hearing about the exciting details we thought it would be best to dig a bit deeper to find out how exactly did it all happen. U.T.K went on to describe how he was contacted after doing a video supporting Beats By Dre.

“When I worked for best buy I was up on all the electronics. I got my hands on a pair of beats by Dre before they dropped. I liked them and I’m a fan of Dre so I wanted to support the brand. Made a beat making video (no longer online) wearing their gear to rep! They loved it and kept in contact. When beats actually dropped we were still in contact and I was granted the opportunity to get a sit down with the doc! They liked a video that I made”

UTK is no stranger to the Internet Hollywood universe. The growing lyrical phenomenon has found his way into our headlines over five times within the past weeks. He was also voted the most powerful couple with his beautiful girlfriend Charrita. Charrita is currently Internet Hollywood’s second biggest photographer!

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