Internet Hollywood Celebrity UTK Shuts Down BET✪ With Epic Performance At Music Matters!


Our headlines continues to awaken from the noise building from growing celebrities all over our universe. The amount of attention expanding while artist stands in the independent realm is the result of hard work that artists like UTK put in. The latest following the news building from this report after our source discovery makes it super exciting to cover the latest UTK currently has going on. The rapper recently attended the BET Music Matters event and tore the house down with a bang! The news comes as no shock after learning more about UTK’s lyrical rhyme style mixed with the energetic flow he carries over each bar to complete a verse. The artist possess an incredibly concentrated skill that provides great detail in each line he delivers outside of his mind. The support helping this lyrical phenomenon to the finish is growing Internet Hollywood celebrity photographer Charrita and UTK’s beautiful hardworking manager Trishtanw. UTK always takes his time to shine the light on those that showed him support. He recently updated a facebook status shouting out Internet Hollywood and Prince Vega.

Facebook status:

“S/O the homie Prince Vega and #InternetHollywood always showing love! We live at the BET Musuc Matters Showcase!!! “

The celebrity also shared with the world that the trip to New York was the first time his girlfriend Charrita got drunk. What a way to celebrity huh? The incredible artist had loads of photos to share along with footage that isn’t viewable to those that are not on his friend list. Our journalists continues to dig for the footage of the event and we hope to obtain it sometime soon to share it to all of our readers. UTK’s debut in our universe marks an historic moment for our universe that opens up to artist that dreams big and chase faster. He continues to dig deeper through his goals with a shoveling pen that finds its way through a pad until it’s heard through our very own ears. We welcome UTK into our universe and we look forward to seeing more of him in the future!

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