Internet Hollywood Celebs Joins 6th Annual ‘PURPLE Day’ for SMA Syndrome Awareness

edit 1The world inside and out of Internet Hollywood is bracing up for the 6th Annual Worldwide ‘PURPLE Day’ for SMA Syndrome Awareness, and you should too! The purpose of the two day global event is to raise awareness to the rear, potentially life-threatening gastro-vascular disorder. The disorder is characterized by a compression of the third portion of theduodenum by the abdominal aorta (AA) and the overlying superior mesenteric artery. The Facebook event page currently have over one thousand people attending the event–with over 13 thousand invites sent out! We ask that everyone reading this to please participate in this to help raise awareness to an illness that needs the attention!


What Is SMA?

As stated above, Superior mesenteric artery (SMA) syndrome is a rare, potentially life-threatening gastro-vascular disorder characterized by a compression of the third portion of theduodenum by the abdominal aorta (AA) and the overlying superior mesenteric artery.

What’s The Story Behind It?

On January 28 2010 my friend Samantha Mina travelled 800 miles from Virginia to check into the Florida Mayo Clinic for SMA Syndrome. An innovative SMA Mom Maria McMillan decided, before Samantha’s departure, to ask friends and fellow survivor families around the globe to wear purple that day to show their support for SMA Syndrome sufferers. With hundreds of RSVPs and dozens of uploaded photos of purple-clad people, the first annual Worldwide SMA Syndrome Awareness Day was born. Then nearly 1000 people attended during each 2011 and 2012, praise the Lord! Indeed the past couple of years were marked by leaps and bounds in global SMA Syndrome education and when the documentary style TV show “Mystery Diagnosis” scouted Samantha and featured her story on the Discovery Health Channel on 83010 the survivor support group swelled to 1200 members.

At 8th January 2014 our Awareness group now has 1508 members! 

As at 4th December 2014, our Awareness Group now has 1756 members!

We had almost 1400 attendees for our 4th Annual PURPLE Day, Jan 28th, 2013! (Inclusive of ‘Non-Facebook attendees).

So, to celebrate all the incredible progress in SMA Syndrome Awareness that has been made thus far and to encourage its continuation in 2014 we invite you to participate in the 5th annual worldwide SMA Syndrome Awareness day on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 (to Thursday 30th January, 2014), to allow for global time differences, by simply wearing a purple article of clothing and/or a purple ribbon, or a whole purple outfit, if you wish! Please feel free to take a photo of yourself to upload to this page. And now, we invite you to attend our 6th Annual worldwide SMA Syndrome Awareness Day on Wednesday 28th January 2015 to Friday 30th January, 2015 (to allow for global time differences.

Thank you for sharing our 2015 event both on Facebook and in the ‘real world’. I will update the attendee numbers from our 2014 event in due course.

written by Marge Reed (for the 4th Annual PURPLE Day- 28th Jan, 2013) and (slightly) adapted for the 5th Annual PURPLE Day, on the (08/01/2014), by Maria McMillan and again (updated for our 6th Annual event from 28/01/2015 to 30/01/2015)


Click Here To Join The 6th Annual Worldwide Purple Day Event!




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