Internet Hollywood Finally Recruits Niki Vega To Model After Failing To A Year Ago

NIKKI VEGA 2Model Niki Vega is finally making her well deserved debut as a ProjectXPlatinum model in Internet Hollywood for the very first time. We are welcoming this talented young superstar with open arms for all the hard work she puts into being an alternative model. Although she’s also not a familiar face, many will soon learn why Niki has been selected to debut as a headlining super model in our digital universe. Her personality reflects the strength she carries inside as a woman that goes through her struggles with faith even while it’s still hard. She remains a promising figure that will deliver her best whenever an opportunity present itself–like now. Niki has been under Internet Hollywood’s radar for over eight months before being recruited as a full time Internet Hollywood model. She has also been involved with numerous photo shoots that could be seen all throughout her social media web pages. It’s not clear whether the model has a modeling page set up yet, but if not, we’d hope she chooses to publish one very soon for her followers to see the amazing shoots she has participated in in the past. Niki’s adorable smile has captured the attention of numerous committee members over the past few weeks. A Internet Hollywood representative attempted to recruit the model to ProjectXPlatinum shortly after she decided to take a break from modeling due to personal reasons, leaving the attempt unsuccessful. Long after she returned, the model was approached again later and was successfully recruited to the powerful movement shortly after her conversation with Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega. It isn’t hard to tell by looking that Niki is a star worth holding on to. Her positive mind shows a sign that overpowers weakness and that’s why she was chosen. She possess everything that there is to have to become more than a superstar–but an icon. We are truly grateful to consider Niki as one of our amazing models. We hope to see more from the gorgeous model in the future. The incredible pictures attached this article of Niki Vega was shot by an amazing photographer by the name of Leonardo Tillett.

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