Internet Hollywood Magazine: Internet Hollywood’s first magazine will be released at ‘Vaughka Springs’ on August 19th

IH Magazine – Internet Hollywood’s first magazine of the year is finally in the works and the date for its release is set to August 19th. The date marks a historic moment for Internet Hollywood that debuts a pay per view style event where a bunch of new releases occurs in one night within a two hour period; including new music, new filming projects, audio book episodes, events, and more. This entertaining style of reporting could be done online or offline. On August 19th we will get a glimpse of that kind of reporting and the launch of the ‘Battle Zone’ where talent will compete with their art in a friendly competition where Internet Hollywood readers gives detailed feed back and votes on which talent they liked better and why. The new and improved Internet Hollywood Magazine is currently in the works and will include a lot of up and coming talent who have previously been featured on It is too early to tell what else is going down with the magazine but you will be informed asap. Follow us on one of our platforms below!



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