Internet Hollywood Magazine (Preview): Tygeria Discuss Stereotypes Of Models Sleeping There Way To The Top

Prince Vega -Supermodel Tygeria has maintained a professional career that has helped her gain a huge presence online and millions of followers in the process. Her hard work has been noted by thousands who view the model as the best in the business. Her following tends to show their presence whenever her time to thrive is on call. They never disappoint when it comes to backing the model in important contests. That same strong base was the reason she won Internet Hollywood’s last contest and became the cover girl of our next magazine issue.


Although recent delays have slowed the process, February is the month Tygeria’s name will dominate at the highest level through all Internet Hollywood outlets.  Prince Vega’s promise to make Tygeria a known cover girl in Internet Hollywood is being fulfilled and we will release every detail leading up to the release of her issue. 


As a treat we decided to share some things we discussed with the model during her interview for our magazine. During our conversation, Tygeria tackled some very tough questions and kept it classy, professional, direct and 100% real. 


on this subject, Tygeria is challenged to reflect on who she is as a model and a mother when the two worlds collide. When asked if she thought Tygeria the model was different from Tygeria the person, she answered, “Sometimes I do feel we are different people.”


Tygeria’s full response:


“Sometimes I do feel we are different people. People look at me online and they have a perception of me. They think she must be wild, sleep around or dumb. The Tygeria at home is a mom and cooking meals for my kiddo. Helping my family or volunteering for charities. I use to write about love and had a big following and then I decided to pursue modeling full time so things change. I hope people can one day see I am just a normal girl who works as a model. Just like you go home from work and become yourself so do I.”


Prince Vega (Question): Why do you think it is so hard for people to accept things outside of their belief system? They tend to think every model that is successful sleepttheir way to the top. How do you think those kind of rumors started coming about?


“I think it’s hard for people to accept things outside of their belief system because people can’t comprehend the thought process of others. Everyone’s mind works different, This is why we have vegetarian and religious and non religious etc. When it comes to models there are some I know who have slept their way to the top, but you always have ones who would never go that.”


More from Tygeria’s interview will be available for people to read on February 14th. There is also a 68% chance Tygeria will become the #1 model on Internet Hollywood’s top models chart in the beginning of February. 


Congratulations to our beautiful superstar for her astounding accomplishments over the past year. We are honored to have such an amazing model a part of Internet Hollywood! 


The stunning photos of Tygeria was taken by Oscar Picazo Photography.


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