Internet Hollywood Model Ashley Kay Prepares For ‘Top Model’ Billboard Chart Takeover

ashley new 3Ashley Kay is drifting into a new battle for recognition as the month of May approaches. With the ProjectXPlatinum magazine coming, Ashley may be forced to deal with a tougher challenger to make the ‘Top 10’ billboard charts. Her official debut marks a new path to cross when conquering dreams is all we can imagine. Her incredible piece of art will soon find it’s way into the ranks alongside some of the most powerful alternative models on the planet.

What Can We Expect?

Who’s to say whether Ashley’s vision is driven by the passion that creates legendary stars today? We could only embrace the talent she brings while hoping she capitalizes off of every door with a loose knob. Within days Ashley’s social media presence has earned coverage by Internet Hollywood Radio and PrinceVega.TV. The powerful combination between both platforms provides a unique picture of each star in Internet Hollywood at a very fast pace. This guarantees Ashley’s force as an independent model will cause an impact that’ll force everyone in our digital industry to feel it. Ashley’s style of modeling gives our minds the freedom to create what we want most from her. Her level of appeal is now becoming a symbol worth holding on to in Internet Hollywood. We could only begin our thoughts by wondering just how far this beautiful model will go now that she’s finally here. I guess we’ll have to wait and see right? Although Ashely may not be the most popular Internet Hollywood model, she’s one of the most mentioned ones when it comes to Internet Hollywood Radio. The gorgeous new celebrity was mentioned on the radio show over four times 2 weeks ago! We look forward to seeing what our beautiful Ashley can bring to the table before the billboard charts change at the ending of May! The amazing picture above was took by Boston Fine Art!

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