Internet Hollywood Model Julissa Takes On BET✮ Networks For Position At BETX!!

julissa new 1Another Internet Hollywood celebrity has been spotted at BET Networks! Our reporters recent photo discovery shows model Julissa Pickney exiting from BET✮ Networks back in May. The model was then confronted by one of our reporters that wouldn’t rest until some information was given. After asking the beautiful model once, she willingly opened up and gladly shared that their were doing casting for an upcoming two-day event called BETX. It wouldn’t come as a shock to our reporters if Julissa pulls this off with flying colors. She’s incredibly beautiful, talented, and very determined. She was recruited into Internet Hollywood by Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega a little over a month ago. Today is an historic moment that marks her official debut in our universe as one of our newest celebrities. We hope to see the best come out of this amazingly talented young superstar. We can easily predict a bright future for this skilled sweetheart. Her gift to live in the photos she take part in is one of the biggest advantages in her career. BET describes the Fashion + Beauty @ BETX event as a “two-day beauty, fashion and style expo featuring established and emerging designer runway shows, celebrity meet and greets, a makeup seminar, a fashion and beauty blogger panel discussion, a trending nails showcase, a hair competition, free beauty makeovers and more!” Much is to be asked about the event that will be taking place on June 27th-28th. We hope the beautiful model pulls all the stops to shine above all at the amazing event!

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