Internet Hollywood Model Lonnie Alex Appears In Multiple Scenes In Bruno Mars ’24K Magic’ Music Video

lonnie-and-bruno-marsPrince Vega – Bruno Mars recently released his ‘24K Magic‘ single and a music video that has model Lonnie Alex all over it! The Internet Hollywood celebrity could be seen having a blast as the cameras captured explosive party scenes to create the perfect life of the party experience.


lonnie new 9Alex makes her first appearance in the video around 0:28 where she stands in the mix of a crowd bopping to Bruno Mars’ catchy hook that borrows key funk elements to create the golden sound of the 1970’s. Her second appearance came seconds after before appearing in multiple scenes throughout the song that now has over 60 million views.


The public was made aware of Lonnie Alex’s latest accomplishment after the model updated a status on Facebook with the music video and dozens of screenshot images pictures with her in it.  The status pulled in hundreds of likes and a wave of  comments from supporters who showed their support.


She’s the only model in the Internet Hollywood community that has appeared in a music video on a caliber as  the platinum singer Bruno Mars. That alone will increase her rank on Internet Hollywood’s top 10 models chart at the ending of October. We are certain our private committee of thirteen will rank Lonnie Alex in the top 5 alongside Tygeria and Isabel Vinson.


Lonnie Alex is not a stranger to the Internet Hollywood community. She has made front page news in Internet Hollywood eighteen times throughout a two-year period. Her performance to extend her career has been so phenomenal that our committee talks have shifted to discussions about featuring  the model on the front cover of Internet Hollywood magazine.

(More Screenshot Images Of Lonnie Alex)






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