Internet Hollywood Model Natalie Blows The Whistle – Officially Makes ✮Superstar✮ Debut

natalie b1Prince Vega – What’s a photo shoot without the work of brilliant photographers that make it possible like Curt Tota and Rene Blue Ocasio? Our new beautiful Internet Hollywood goddess Natlie is finally making her appearance after winning over enough votes to secure her arrival as a Internet Hollywood’s debuting superstar. The Uconn student is using her beauty to make a way for a promising career that will guarantee her superstardom in the long run. We can beat around the bush and assume this is what we anticipate from a devoted model that we know very little about–but why sugarcoat? Only time will show us just how remarkable this beautiful new stunning superstar is.


Many will argue over what plays a major part in a model’s success when they haven’t actually experienced it. We are certain this Connecticut model will achieve everything beyond her dreams by simply believing in herself. Everything about her beautiful heartwarming smile is worth admiring even if certain individuals (haters) don’t favor her style of modeling. A simple search through her work will prove her assistance as a model is a solid combination when it involves a photographer like Rene Blue Ocasio that believes in his work. We’ve witnessed the better and worse between a model and a photographer that didn’t connect with on a professional basis in the past. It’s good to see these two pull off such an amazing shoot.


Natalie’s new journey through our universe will open a path that will leave us all wondering what she’ll leave behind. Every sign she brings remains positive for those she choose to work with on a professional level. We are hoping her attitude reflects the beauty she brings in every photo shoot she participates in. She was recruited in Internet Hollywood after Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega discovered her photos during a model contest (Jetset) that’s currently being held online for models all over the United States. Welcome to Internet Hollywood Natalie! We look forward to seeing what you have in store for the future!


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Photo By Rene Blue Ocasio



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