Internet Hollywood Model Shayna Evelyn Promises Strong Return To Modeling

shayna evelynPrince Vega – One Rhode Island star is brushing off the hate and is cooking up a come back that everyone will taste this summer. Model Shayna Evelyn updated a status and added in her desires of increasing her picture game this summer with more photo shoots. She made it clear she haven’t forgot about her friends and priorities, also stating she will be “deleting haters” off her page.


“Lots of pics to post! Sorry I’ve been so busy with school, but haven’t forgot about my friends. priorities are in place and pictures all summer long! Deleting haters so do yourself a favor and remove yourself if you don’t like my page. Boy am I glad the sun decided to shine☀️! I see you boo!”

Her social media fan page is sustaining her following to a reasonable pace with a 0.1% increase in the last week. Those details alone tells us Evelyn has been having a positive growth in her career and I believe her activeness on social media in the past are to blame for the results. The model has been busy dealing with things in her personal life but the time is soon coming for her to make the mark that’s meant for history.


Evelyn has made front page news in Internet Hollywood six times since her debut in August 2015. She is one of our freshman leaders that will most likely top Internet Hollywood top model charts for her hard work. She has showed a huge amount of the support to the Internet Hollywood brand and we greatly appreciate her comforting presence. The absolutely adorable photo of Shayna was took by IModelZone.


You can find out more about Evenlyn by tuning into Internet Hollywood Radio on Tuesday, June 15th at 8:30 p.m. (est.). The host will be Internet Hollywood’s founder Prince Vega.

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