Internet Hollywood Radio: Justin to discuss Mandii Jean’s brave decision at the IH Fashion Show on August 26th

IH Fashion Show  – Mark Painter of Painterproductions was all good vibes at the Internet Hollywood Fashion in Natick, Massachusetts. He played a helping hand in setting things up inside the party and even managed to show off a piece of his collection as well. This Sunday I’ll explore a little bit of the background story to Mandii Jean’s brave decision that led to her brilliant solo walk at the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show. We will also discuss Mark Painter becoming the 5th designer in the show (unexpectedly), and Bonnie Gagnon helping out as well. Explore some of the memorable moments with me by going to our main page and clicking ‘play’ on the ‘Internet Hollywood Radio’ icon player on Sunday, August 26th, at 6:00 p.m. to 10:30 eastern time.


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Mandii Jean: Instagram – Facebook

Painter Productions: Website

Bonnie Gagnon (MUA): Instagram

Studio Duke Photography (Photographer): Instagram

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