Internet Hollywood Radio: Rapper O’Merta song ‘Hurtin’ lands #10 on Internet Hollywood’s Music Chart

Hip Hop artist O’Merta is off to a great start in the Internet Hollywood music playlist countdown after his song ‘Hurtin’ landed at #10 on the charts. The small vote needed by board members came carefully after reviewing the songs from musicians that has been released since the beginning of this year. Normally, we’d choose songs within a 3-4 month span but the debut of our playlist leaves the door open for much more earlier releases, ‘Hurtin’ was seven months ago.


In the beginning of Internet Hollywood Radio I (Vaughka) went through the importance of the music playlist and why I chose to add it to Internet Hollywood. Every 2-4 weeks we will have a countdown that lists our top 10 song picks from musicians who we’ll be writing a lot about following the report and including their music through Internet Hollywood platforms. O’Merta is one of the artist that was chosen to be on the list. The reasons why will be explained soon.

The archive for the Internet Hollywood Radio show will be released sometime this week. We will keep you posted. In the meantime, check out O’Merta’s song ‘Hurtin’ on his Soundcloud below!


O’Merta: Instagram

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