Internet Hollywood Rapper Baby Beretta Returns To Facebook After Disappearing For Months

baby b 2


One of Internet Hollywood’s biggest female rappers has disappeared from Facebook for over three months and still hasn’t returned, causing some panic in our universe. The femcee is a respected figure growing inside of our independent industry with music that has been dominating the Internet Hollywood radio circuits for months now. The last word we got on the adorable little lyrical artist was when she announced she was engaged back in December. Should we blame a “honeymoon”  for her absence? We haven’t even got a date on when the Internet Hollywood superstar wedding would take place. Is she keeping everything secret? This is questions we have to ask ourselves while waiting for that moment to finally hear from the music artist. Baby Beretta entered in our universe as a Game Of Rap preseason competitor back in October. Her matchup against DynastytheGoddess was one of the biggest preseason matches ever recorded in the history of our universe!



Baby Beretta has finally returned back to the social media world. She briefed one of our reporters and told her she just took some time off but she’s back! Since her return the adorable female rapper updated a new selfie picture! If you are not on her friend list you will not be able to see it–sorry.

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