Internet Hollywood To Report News On Connecticut Music Artists Starting Monday, Says Prince Vega

BREAKING NEWS 6Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega is adding another news section to Internet Hollywood that reports news strictly on Connecticut music artists, models, and more. The new Mayhem MusiK feature is a modern version of a local news chart that Prince Vega created for upcoming musicians all over Connecticut. He is now finding sometime out of his busy schedule to breathe life back into the idea after Hartford’s murder rate reached it’s 20th homicide.

“I felt restructuring the idea in my mind before physically remodeling it to appear more modernized enabled its functionality,” Prince Vega said. “It’s been easier now to physically create a reflection of what I’ve imagined without shattering it’s potential. You have to see yourself inside of the mirror to change what’s in it.”

The musician/journalist did not slow his comments there. He also expressed how he felt it’s a must needed thing to restore back confidence in upcoming music artists that feels getting exposure is too hard.

“There is a lot of talented guys back where I come from,” he said. “Most of them don’t have that support system to help them mentally and physically engage in a life changing formation because people around them makes it harder. I’ve been in that situation where nobody helped as-well at one point. Now I’m in a position where I can actually help them at-least help themselves you know? It’s definitely going to make them a lot happier.”

Prince Vega is known all over the world for his powerful presence on the Internet. It isn’t hard to find an Internet Hollywood article with Prince Vega’s name floating around somewhere. The music artist also runs his own modeling organization with model Isabel Vinson. The model movement currently has over 350+ professional and freelance models that are female. On the music side, his latest music single nailed over 50,000 Youtube views. You can check that video out below!

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