Internet Hollywood Reporters Are Becoming Obsessed With Model Casey

casey gorgeousPrince Vega – Casey’s name will be all over Internet Hollywood Radio on December 26th after making front page news on our digital media headlines three times in the past four months. Her impressive performance shows a huge growth statistically and the report will be among many top headlining stories apart of our panels discussion on the 26th.


We can clearly see the attention Casey is receiving continues to expand and Isabel’s hand has helped provide some beneficial resources the model can use to make her position permanent in the modeling world. She’s done an excellent job capturing the attention of our representatives who find her more and more appealing by the week. She recently was selected to be apart of Internet Hollywood’s new party and promo team in the state of Connecticut.


A previous post from our reps reports that the purpose behind the creation of the group is to increase Internet Hollywood’s presence in the physical world outside of the Internet. It also stated members assigned to the group will have meet ups, private parties, dinners, and more. Casey’s role will help shape the idea in getting celebrities from all over together to hang out no matter how stiff the competition may be when they face off. We are certain she will be a powerful symbol in our universe just like Isabel Vinson.


What’s a photo shoot without Courtney? Seven15 Photography continues to make the best out of each photo shoot that becomes magical every time she gets her hand on a camera. She is a highly respected photographer with endless amount of work to back her creativity as one of the best. You can also expect her name to be among those in headlining discussions on Internet Hollywood Radio on December 26th.


You can tune into Internet Hollywood Radio on December 26th at 8pm (est.) by clicking “play” on the gray radio icon embed on the right hand side of the home page!


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