While Internet Hollywood ‘Top Model’ Charts Continues – Brieana Elizabeth Finally Debuts

brie brieModel Brieana Elizabeth is sending her message loud and clear to anyone that may have opposed her career sometime in the past. She is finally breaking front page news headlines in our universe at the exact same time the ‘Top Model’ billboard charts are going through major changes. Many are shocked to see unfamiliar faces dominating the international billboard charts at an enormous rate. The upper portion of the charts from 10 to 8 were the first few to meet some of Internet Hollywood’s new faces Niki Vega, Sherry and Shaelyn Mariah. The remaining numbers are up for grabs and models all over are anxious to discover which model will make it to #1. Brieana Elizabeth continues to appear as stiff as her challengers and soon it will be proven. She managed to build an Internet presence with her effective modeling methods and has gained over 2,000 followers on Facebook in the process. She continues to update the world on all her latest collaborations that includes absolutely stunning photo shoots she models in. Who could deny Brooke Beebe’s amazing talent as a makeup artist, along-side Harold Strout’s breathtaking vision in photography? The incredible combination gave us one of the most remarkable pieces of art that has ever been featured on Internet Hollywood. Brieana’s worth is far more than what many heavily established models would expect from a model with a shorter base. Her way of modeling comes from a heart she puts into everything she involves herself in. That positive state of mind would easily put Brieana in a comfortable position that’ll guarantee her on the top 10 billboard charts in future months to come!

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brie brie

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