Internet Hollywood Universe: Greg Hale Says: “Obamacare is nothing short of a social farce”

The heated universe is spinning under the controversial debate involving Obama’s presidency and the Affordable Care Act. The recent topic following the power behind words Jaime Lynn and Cristal Catalina shared publicly against Obamacare is now making headlines across multiple news sites, including  Reader Greg Hale is now sharing his thoughts with us!

Greg Hale Says:

“I HATE him as president/dictator. Obamacare is nothing short of a social farce to legally wrap people into his high spending of their own money while providing minimal care. It’s a situation of many of the citizens being slaves to him and his media, and damaging this country SO much that it’s akin to slaves begging for a minimal hand out, getting one, and praising it as the next best thing.”

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