Internet Hollywood Vega announces ‘Internet Hollywood Radio Part 1’ mixtape; sets his release date for April 22nd

The release date to Vega’s latest mixtape “Internet Hollywood Radio Part 1” has been set for April 22nd. The long awaited mixtape has been in the works since the third-quarter of last year and includes snippets from some of the upcoming talents that were featured on the website in the past.


The number of tracks that will be added to the mixtape is not known at this time. A few songs that were selected were “Born Again” and “They Know.” He is also in the processing of developing more songs for the mixtape and has vowed to release it out to the public on the selected date.


Vega teased his followers a couple of months back by posting his single “Born Again” on Youtube for about two weeks before pulling it down even with the overwhelming amount of support following its release. He said he wanted to get the feel of things to see how his supporters would react since it’s been a while since he released new music. He also acknowledges that he has new supporters and will have to make music he feels everyone could enjoy.


Vega is also planning on re-releasing his first single ‘Born Again’ sometime this week. The date will most likely be revealed in a new story. Keep a look out!!


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