Internet Hollywood Vega to feature singer Alisa Velasquez on his ‘Vaughka Series Part 1’ Mixtape!!

IH News (Musicians) – Now that Internet Hollywood Vega is back in action after taking a small hiatus due to personal family reasons that required his attention he promises his full effort in bringing everything he planned previously before to life and that includes his long awaited music project that’s been on hold for YEARS. He has confirmed that independent Connecticut singer Alisa Velasquez will be one of the artists featured on the ‘Vaughka Series Part 1’ mixtape that will be released soon. He’s also planning on doing music videos for many of the songs and promises to surprise people with the kind of material he has in the works. Alisa Velasquez has been very supportive to Vega and the Internet Hollywood brand for years and recently made her first Internet Hollywood party appearance in November 2019 and performed two songs of her own. Check out a song she did with Gambino The Great and Kidwave titled ‘For You’ here:





Andrew Powers (Photographer): Instagram

Alisa Velasquez: Instagram

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