Internet Hollywood Vega to re-release music single ‘Born Again’ from his ‘Internet Hollywood Radio Part 1’ mixtape on Friday!

The date is officially set for the re-release of Internet Hollywood Vega’s first music single from his ‘Internet Hollywood Hollywood Radio Part. 1’ mixtape that is scheduled to be released on April 22nd.


The song ‘Born Again’ was available for a short time on our network before being pulled down after an overwhelming response leads Vega to believe the song would go even further if he actually invests his time in pushing the song rather than just releasing it for his core followers. He is also planning on releasing multiple singles from the project before the official release date approaches.


The mixtape isn’t really going to feature other artists since the first series is to bring awareness to the fact that Internet Hollywood Radio now has a sound series that features all of Vega’s latest music projects, some radio drops from upcoming talent, interviews and more. He will also be installing special editions in later series that will include songs from other talents as well.


The song will be published to Justin’s ‘Internet Hollywood Vega’ channel on Youtube then will be directly sent to the Internet Hollywood universe before being pushed to the general public. We will keep you updated as the exciting time approaches!

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