Internet Hollywood Vega’s audio-book Vaughka Series may premiere at ‘Vaughka Springs’ on August 19th!

IH VEGA / The Main Event – The journey to Internet Hollywood’s ‘Vaughka Springs’ on August 19th is on and many people are wondering what the hell does ‘Vaughka Springs’ even mean. To simply put it, every other month we put together main events like a pay per view where a lot of new things happening in Internet Hollywood happens all at once for two hours; including new music videos, events, filming projects, episodes to our shows, audio books, and more. And each of the event has its own name and the biggest event is later in the year and is titled Arkhnia; don’t ask please. LOL. You’ll learn all about it soon enough.


Anyway, ‘Vaughka Springs’ is our first stop and Vaughka is planning on releasing the first episode of his ‘Vaughka Series’ audiobook series that will be able to be streamed for free on He also has many songs for the soundtrack that he plans on releasing throughout the year as we get deeper into his audio book series. It is not known who else has been cast in the series since the show has been revamped but there have been a couple of people that’s been trying out certain roles. As time pass more will be revealed. We will keep you updated. Keep a look out on our platforms to get teasers of the series when they are available!




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