Internet Hollywood’s #1 Headlining Model Cristal Catalina Returns With New Photo Shoot!

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Internet Hollywood is shaking from the quakes making our grounds shift as Internet Hollywood’s #1 billboard pick returns back to the universe. The throne keeper recently created a distance from modeling due to personal reasons but she’s now slowly pulling the rope before dominating the social realm all over again. Cristal Catalina is a known name hovering across our space that made headlines repeatedly for speaking how she feel about controversial things happening all over the world. The throne keeper quickly earned her stay in her position for giving her all in being who she is regardless who may have a problem with it. Before Cristal’s reign at number the model expressed how she felt about Obama’s leadership in the country and felt the president was a complete failure. Many people would speculate the level of influence Cristal gained on the charts because of the similar views she shared with Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega. The private committee of thirteen casted in their votes based on the amount of “headline worthy” articles that made the front page of Internet Hollywood in the month of June. Cristal’s view on Obama sparked one of the most largest chain reactions Internet Hollywood have ever seen since its official start around April.

Here’s thoughts:

“My thoughts on government corruption is that Obama is trying to take away the constitutional rights of the American people. In a way, it feels as if he wants to have complete control of our country to where we are not able to make our own choices when it comes to daily living. I do not believe Obama is doing a good job because Obama has many characteristics that are similar to Hitler and Stalin. The reason I compare the three that I mentioned is because of the Benghazi case, The Fast & Furious and the IRS conspiracy. Obama keeps cutting our defense and does not give our military much respect. Unemployment is higher today than it has ever been as well as our American economy.”

Cristal silence in our universe was blamed on personal medical reasons that we will not speak on publicly. The beautiful model is a strong fighter and we are sure she will overcome whatever it is that have been slowing her down. Cristal Catalina was voted the #1 headlining model in Internet Hollywood by our private committee of thirteen back in the month of June!



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