Internet Hollywood’s Crystal Glass Athena Awards Will Be Worth $350 Each At Award Show!

award 3Internet Hollywood will soon be throwing an award show for growing celebrities all over our universe and the prize is unimaginable. The selected awards will be purchased from Eclipse and will be worth $350 each. Those that receive the awards will not only be crowned for their actions but will hold the key to access upcoming events in the future! All the award winners are immediately entered to win cash prizes, gifts, discounts and more. The importance of keeping control of these awards are as important as every event, festival, party, concert and award show thrown after. Winners who possess awards could end up attending these events free without any type of charge and will be VIP members there. The more an upcoming talent continues to headline in our universe the more chances they have in winning an award at our award shows. The reason why the awards are so costly is because the price of chasing after what we love isn’t worth plastic cheap awards. Those that are determined and committed to what they believe in will be rewarded these awards and doors will open all over for them. What happens if you pawn these awards and make money off them? You must understand that these awards are keys that will gain you access to some of our most exciting and important events in the future. If a growing celebrity was to “pawn” these awards they will not only lose access to these events, but will be banned from Internet Hollywood forever! These amazing crystal glass athena awards will be purchased on in the near future when the first annual award show is announced!

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