Internet Hollywood’s “Iron Throne” Is Up For Grabs And 32 Rappers Will Face Off For It On June 21st

Rap-Battle-628x356The League Of Hip Hop  –  The journey begins on June 14th and a king/queen will be crowned in Internet Hollywood’s first rap league that will include 32 rappers from all over the world. As the hype behind the tourney builds up, people will learn that The League Of Hip Hop is unlike any tournament they have ever witnessed before.  The tournament has been nicknamed the “Game Of Rap” because the structure in which it will be set up reminded our committee members of the Game Of Thrones.


A previous report explains: The rules are pretty simple; every rapper involved in The League of Hip Hop season will have to submit a song Prince Vega will play live on Internet Hollywood Radio. For the remaining of the week future matchups will be announced while our judges votes on which one they liked better. The winner will advance to the next level with an undefeated record. The loser will also advance to the next level with a “0 – 1″ on his/her record.


Other rear features will include crews, alliances, power, kingdoms, championships, and more.


How To Join?

Click the highlighted link below, follow us on Facebook then send us a direct message saying “Rapper 4 Tourney.” DO NOT forget to add links to your Facebook and music. Everyone that is chosen to join will be be sent a message with 1 more step before being mentioned on the front page of Internet Hollywood. GOOD LUCK WARRIORS!!

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