Internet Hollywood’s Newest ✮Superstar✮ Model Cindy Speaks On Her College Restricting Parties

cindy 2Prince Vega – Ecuadorian Model Cindy Morgan is getting the attention she deserves after word got around that she would officially debut in our digital universe as Internet Hollywood’s newest superstar. The dazzling college sweetheart shares a mind that finds her dreams something worth achieving. After a brief conversation with Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega, she was immediately submitted to our second floor private committee for review before winning over 9 out of 13 committee member votes. Her new achievement marks an historic moment that welcomes the model on our front page headlines as one of our leading new figures.


Cindy’s beautiful complexion and features was brought to question by many that thought she was Brazilian or Columbian, but wasn’t. She told Vega her mother is fully Ecuadorian and her dad is of Moroccan South African and Kenyan decent. Morgan is a very talented singer that also played in short film roles to expand her career as an actor. The multi-talented singer has a face made for cameras to flash with pictures that’ll easily be adored by millions of people all over the world through magazines, posters, and more.


cindy 3Morgan may have spent her younger years in Ecuador, but she was born in Brooklyn, New York. She also told Vega that she moved to the state of Connecticut at the age of 12.


During the conversation she shutdown being a party goer after explaining a short story about how her college no longer throws parties because of a violent incident that left someone shot.

“I used to go those parties,” she said. “there were cast parties after our shows and other parties at a complex unit for college students but someone got shot there and there was a fight so people can’t have parties anymore.”

We open our arms to this blossoming new celebrity that is now showing off her roots on our digital island. We look forward to seeing just how impactful this phenomenal superstar will be in Internet Hollywood as a new year slowly approaches. The beautiful pictures of Cindy was took by a talented photographer in California by the name of Birhon Martin.


Cindy – Do What U Want (Cover)

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