Is Internet Hollywood’s #Selfie Princess Brittany Elizabeth ‘Top Model’ Material?

britt britt 2While Internet Hollywood’s ‘Top Model’ remains up for grabs, many people continues to ask who will be #1? Although that answer remains unclear, Brittany Elizabeth’s potential gives us a heartwarming presence that will open doors unexplored by any model in our universe. Her active involvement in selfie photos will easily give her an unwanted advantage over newer models that’s quickly rising up in the ranks. She hasn’t been a part of Internet Hollywood long enough to crack into our international billboard charts, but we are certain future months will work in her favor. Brittany’s view on life reflects what’s realistic with modeling. She speaks how she feels and live what she says all year round. Many would easily misinterpret Brittany’s personality because of her adorable blue eyes and blond hair. What they don’t know is she was nicknamed “Michelle” by Prince Vega because she reminded the rapper of actress Michelle Rodriguez. Her kick ass attitude is a rebellious symbol that represents every strong woman that isn’t afraid to show the world she’s tough. Her level of awareness is so clear that many will find her intimidating in a conversation. She was crowned #Selfie Princess after Prince Vega submitted her photos for review to our second floor committee last month. She’s one of 40 new models that were recruited to Internet Hollywood’s ProjectXPlatinum about two months ago. Her powerful debut opens the gates for dozens of upcoming females that shares the vision of being a model. So is that enough to make her top model material? We believe so! There is certain things that brings out the best in models when it comes to Internet Hollywood. The most important thing all models should take into consideration when modeling is sticking out. Creativity explains the style of art being painted by the photographer whenever he/she is working with a model. Brittany’s influential power will shift the energy in our universe if she decides to take advantage of her “#Selfie Princess” title. The last model to claim the #selfie crown was former ProjectXPlatinum model Kiti Gunn. Will Brittany land on the top 10 billboard charts in the summer? We’ll have to find out in the month of June!

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