InternetHollywood.TV: ProjectXPlatinum Model Gloria Jean Looking Cute As Ever In New Selfie!

gloria 1Our reporters are feigning for a piece of Gloria Jean after the ProjectXPlatinum model updated her Facebook status with a photo that look just stunning. The tatted up cutie wore red lipstick and covered her upper body in red to match it. Her beautiful tat covering her chest rested under the light of the sun that reflected from the lens of her camera–shining so beautifully. Gloria is a new member of the powerful ProjectXPlatinum movement for talented models all over the world! This article marks her debut in our Internet Hollywood universe and we are grateful to have her apart of it. She has everything that it takes to make it on the top ten billboard charts on Internet Hollywood in months to come. We could only hope to see how well she takes advantage of the opportunities presented to her in the future. Gloria is expected to make an appearance in Internet Hollywood’s second magazine issue that is expected to be released in February. Her beauty is met with the passion that makes the art she creates in every photo shoot shes in. We open our arms to the wonderful Gloria for choosing Internet Hollywood as her new home. Look out for some amazing things to happen with this incredible model in the near future!

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