Is it me or Tygeria looks kind of like Pocahontas in her new photo shoot with Jlea Photography?

Photo Shots – Tygeria keeps getting prettier as she grows and lord knows that process isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The Nevada model recently published a photo from her latest photo shoot on Instagram and she believe me when I tell you, she looks so much like Pocahontas!


The pictures shows the beautifully shaped model fully clothed with her hair dangling across her back while she posed with one hand across her hips. Her eyes stared deep into the lens of the camera while one of her legs crossed the other. She is truly breathtaking in this photo and Jlea Phtography is also the blame. The background color behind Tygeria blended so beautifully with her wardrobe that it brought out so much more in this shoot. It almost felt as if I was looking at a painting.


I came across the photo while I was browsing through Instagram for a new story. I always have to keep my eye on the prize. lol. I immediately noticed Tygeria’s newly published photo and couldn’t keep my eyes off it. I got in touch with the model and told her I was interested in putting a story together about it. After getting the green light I quickly got to work.


Tygeria has been published 27 times in Internet Hollywood. She is one of the top 10 most published models in Internet Hollywood. She was also featured on the front cover of Internet Hollywood magazine on February 14th.

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Tygeria:  FacebookInstagram

Jlea Photography: Instagram

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