Is Shayna Evelyn Good Enough To Become Internet Hollywood’s #1 Model?

shayna new picPrince Vega  – Rhode Island’s own mixed princess may be new but she’s not far behind. There are signs Shayna Evelyn should find useful during her quest to succeed beyond predictable measures. She executes modeling with her unique body features and captures the eyes of her viewers whenever she decides to share it with the world. Soon this blossoming superstar will discover a secret tip that will open the gateways for her to make front page news on Internet Hollywood more in the future. One of her biggest advantages will come from her heartwarming personality. She’s sweet, jolly, and very curious when it comes to learning about things that are beneficial to her career.


The moment the world catches on to how lovable Evelyn’s personality is her career will slowly began it’s quest to legendary status. Her addictive smile comes with a child-like laugh that’s just as cute as her eyes are. Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega described Shayna as a “Warrior that lives through life scars to succeed”.

“The day I talked to Shayna I knew she was special,” Prince Vega said. “Witnessing her slowly progress mentally by each photo shoot made me opened to the idea of her being something huge. She’s a very sweet, down to earth, and giggly person. Haha. She was very curious and willing to take on whatever step that’s needed to make the best out of her career when we talked. I’m definitely glad we were able to bring her in our Internet Hollywood superstar lineup.”

Evelyn’s debut in Internet Hollywood back in August also caught Prince Vega’s attention enough to weigh in on it. A previous report shows Prince Vega predicting that Shayna will outgrow a huge amount of models quicker than others.

“Shayna’s heartwarming personality makes everything about her adorable to me,” Prince Vega said. “She has what it takes to discover her true identity earlier than most girls in the modeling industry. With the perfect outlet she’ll blossom into something worth waiting for. That’s one of the biggest reasons I chose her to be a superstar in Internet Hollywood.”

Today marks the second time Shayna has made front page news in our universe. Her achievements continues to rise and we hope in time it will involve dozens of Internet Hollywood awards as-well! The super cool photo of Shayna was taken by Philip Oaks Photography.


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