Isabel Vinson Gets Wet In New Photo Shoot With Lauren Farrington Photography

MCM Photography Studios

Prince Vega – Model Isabel Vinson is getting soaked and Lauren Farrington Photography has it all captured on camera. The gorgeous Internet Hollywood superstar recently published photos from the shoot that shows the leading headliner in drenching wet Suki’s Dareware while resting in a tub covered in flowers. The huge line of products includes gowns, dresses, skirts, sets, tops in vinyl, spandex, glitter, stretchy flashy and sexy. (


MCM Photography Studio 2Vinson has been keeping her career busy with more exciting photos to share with her nearly 50 thousand followers. She also collaborated with MCM Photography Studios and released a magnificent piece of artwork that shows the blending passion between two talented individuals working together to make the best out of their work.


Another shoot with the talented MCM Photography included a list of others who added their skilled work including  Bowman Images (Bra), Hysteria Machine (Horns), Ethics beauty supply (hair). The result of this amazing team work was nothing less than perfect and Isabel has proven her work to be one of the best and Internet Hollywood knows it.


Isabel is the leading female in Internet Hollywood who has made front page news in Internet Hollywood over 30 times within a two year period. She is currently the most powerful model in Internet Hollywood.

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