Isabel Vinson Has Made Front Page News On Internet Hollywood Over 20 Times!

isabelly and ravenPrince Vega – Talks of Isabel Vinson’s status as a model will fill the airwaves on Internet Hollywood Radio on December 26th. The Mooi Model Management CEO has now solidified her reputation as the biggest superstar inside of Internet Hollywood’s history. This headline marks the 23rd time the celebrity has made front page headlines in our universe since the creation of Internet Hollywood last year.


Back in June, 2014, Isabel Vinson was ranked the #2 top model in Internet Hollywood. After months of holding down her position, she was named the most powerful and respected model in Internet Hollywood on November 9th in 2014. It was reported that she designed most of the blue print for the freelance modeling movement ProjectXPlatinum and quickly became the first model to ever be recruited to it. Her contribution to the creation of Internet Hollywood’s model branch is the reason she is now called the “Marilyn Monroe” of Internet Hollywood. She is the beating heart of Internet Hollywood models that are celebrities in Internet Hollywood. Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega now calls ProjectXPlatinum members Internet Hollywood models. The choice to silence the name for a while comes after dozens of newer models felt discouraged to not be included under the same label.


isabelly 2Isabel’s stunning new shoot with Raven Macabre is a piece of the heaven that comes out of a year long journey that Vinson shared with the world every chance she had. Among the excellent accomplishments were questionable moments where people who claimed they were friends grew jealous of Isabel’s success. She developed her own studio, management company, group shoots, and more for talented models, photographers, and makeup artists who needed it even when some had nowhere else to start off.


Photographer Raven Macabre is quickly becoming the biggest photographer inside of Internet Hollywood. He has a powerful name and a very solid reputation to match his absolutely incredible gift. He will also be mentioned on Internet Hollywood Radio on December 26th.


You can tune into Internet Hollywood Radio on December 26th at 8pm (est.) by clicking “play” on the gray radio icon embed on the right hand side of the home page!


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