Isabel Vinson releases Independence Day photos from her new photo shoot with Avalon Photo

Photo Shoots – Independent Vermont model Isabel Vinson has been a busy person this summer and the number of photo shoots she has done continues to pile up as she collaborates with many more photographers in the warm weather. The model recently released photos she did on July 3rd on Independence Day as a form of celebration for the holiday. The post included about five photos from the shoot she did with  Fred Kfoury of Avalon Photo and they all received a positive response from everyone that seen them.


After watching the photos pass my screen while I was navigating the social media platform I reached out to Isabel Vinson to find out if the photos were new and she said yes. Shortly after, I asked for her permission to do a story about it then as soon as I got the green light I did it. It has been a while since I wrote about photo shoots and it’s a lot to catch up on when it comes to Isabel.


This isn’t the only new photo shoot Isabel Vinson has done since the weather has been heating up in the north-east. She has also released new photos from her photo shoots with Ray As, Joe Miglionico, Cantera Image, Paul Shaughnessy and more. This is a clear indication that Isabel doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. This is also the reason she is the #1 published model in Internet Hollywood over 50 publications. Great job to Avalon Photo for taking these great photos of isabel.


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Isabel Vinson: Facebook – Instagram


Avalon Photo: Instagram


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