Isabella Capri Talks Prince Vega Performing At The Internet Hollywood Party, Reunites With Photographer Zack Stone

Prince Vega – The time is ticking and Internet Hollywood’s party date in Worcester, Massachusetts is slowly coming closer by the day, which means my super nosey senses are at an all time high. Learning how these sensations deal with their careers has been one of the most amazing things about being an independent journalist. Seeing models like Isabella Capri work to make the best out of an advantage has been a learning experience that I would repeat all over if I could. Her energy is magnificent!


So what brings us to this story about this growing Rhode Island sensation. It turns out she mentioned some pretty interesting things about Prince Vega’s upcoming performance at the Internet Hollywood party on April 22nd. She acknowledges the the change and music and is confident the crowd will be excited to see Prince Vega perform.


“I think the crowd is going to be excited for Prince Vega’s return to the stage and will look forward to hearing how his sound has changed over the years. Hip Hop has centrality evolved a lot in recent years and it’s not uncommon to hear pop mixed with a hip hop track these days. I’d definitely be open to hearing some Prince Vega poetry dropped too!”


Capri is quickly becoming the fastest growing new sensation in Internet Hollywood. The model recently became a Internet Hollywood sensation in February and was already published four times. She has a positive relationship with Internet Hollywood and has provided us with a hand full to publish for all you beautiful readers.


You probably guessed that the featured image in this article was taken by Zack Stone. You are definitely right about that. The model told me she reunited with Zack Stone to shoot at the Crane Estate in Ipswich MA. She modeled wardrobe by fashion designer Mulan Duong for her shop Melanoir. The model sent me two gorgeous pictures from the shoot and filled me in a bunch of things that will be revealed in future articles.


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